I’m a big fan of the rule of law. James Comey.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, said during Parliament hearings that “28 percent of all attacks on Russian cyber infrastructure were carried out from US territory,” while the amount of hacking attempts from Russian territory against the US reaches only 2 or 3 percent. Moscow registers daily cyberattacks emanating from the territory of [...]


  I need to travel. 

Not Calm down, life should be crazy, Stay & steady, life is crazy race, Croon your favourite song, Don't be miserable for any thing, Hold hands of your loved ones, Want to be spaced–out ,tired of gravity, don't touch my heart, it's been already been in pain.  I know what I really need,  I need [...]

Make America WHITE again. Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

The worst thing that ever happened to the world was the white man coming across gun powder. –– the end of the world | the beginning of white supremacy --- Nayyirah Waheed, Salt.  These few lines adopted from Former President Barack Obama-After a century of trying, we declared that health care in America is not [...]

“Donald Trump is destroying his own presidency and stand of America in the world.”

Trump has no one to blame for his endangered presidency but himself. Trump during campaign appears disciplined & strategic. Those hopes dashed by the lawless, reckless way he has responded to ongoing inquiries against him.Investigation of Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is serious, and becoming more so.  Everyone is a moon, and has a dark [...]